It's good to talk...

For those of us around at the time, it scarcely seems possible that more than 20 years have passed since that BT ad first appeared on our not so flat TV screens.

Take That were barely even a Boy, let alone Man, Band...

Take That

Beckham had only just begun to bend it...

David Beckham

And with 'mobile' technology like this, it was no wonder that BT looked to incentivise greater use of landlines...

Mobile phone / brick

I guess, two decades on, we can now 'talk' in so many different ways. Email and social media has transformed communications. After all, you are reading this very blog on line!

Whatever it's form, I've always believed that great dialogue - conversation - is the key to moving things forward. And it's in that spirit that we've been entering into a series of recent conversations. Conversations about continuous school improvement.

As referenced in my recent 'What if...' Blog, it started with Student Council...

And its now extended to staff, and Sixth Form students in direct, face to face meetings over coffee. And of course also to parents in our 'keep doing, stop doing, start doing' consultation. As all good conversations do, it's offering fascinating insights, ideas and leads that we now want to take forward in further discussion with all who have contributed so positively so far... And with others yet to speak. We'll be setting up some meetings in due course.

It's good to talk.


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