Inspiring the next Park House generation!

I'm thrilled that my first blog of the new academic year, and posted on our new look website, reflects on our welcome to a new generation of fantastic Year 7 Park House students.

It is always a pleasure to welcome new young people to our school; a highlight of the year, the first steps on so many new and exciting personal journeys. Our first day at secondary school is probably one of those special days in our lives that is etched into our memories!  And, as a parent, you then re-live all those emotions as you watch your son and daughter leave for their first day at 'big school'.

Alex Danson at Park House

We therefore aim to make this very special day as truly memorable  - and as inspiring - as we possible can.  Building of the Olympic and Paralympic vision of 'Inspiring a generation' we this year invited Team GB Olympic Hockey Bronze Medallist and one of the world's greatest ever players, Alex Danson, to inspire our new Year 7 generation with the story of her personal journey to the fulfilment of a dream in the summer of 2012.

And Alex was truly inspirational! From the moment she shared her own first day photo of herself in her oversized blazer (which apparently she never grew into!) we were collectively captivated by a story which brilliantly wove together themes around dreams, ambitions, attitudes, actions and achievement.

Alex Danson at Park House

Her Olympic medal was a particular focus of attention as she then visited every tutor group  to answer some fantastic questions about her Olympic experience!

This provided a perfect introduction to a day in which students then reflected on their own goals and ambitions, what they aim to achieve at Park House and how they are going to go about realising their dreams and aspirations.

What was absolutely clear from their responses is that we certainly have an inspired generation of new Year 7s...

Alex Danson at Park House