Inspired by a generation

On Saturday I witnessed something extraordinary.

Park House Bobsleigh Team

It personified Courage with a Capital C.

It Inspired in every way.

It embodied Excellence; it was an expression of Friendship.

Innsbruck Bobsleigh

On Saturday I was in Innsbruck, in Austria.

On Saturday I witnessed two amazing young women from Park House achieve something equally amazing.

Park House School Bobsleigh

On Saturday Annabel Chaffey from Year 11 and Codie Burnett from Year 13 became the youngest team ever to compete in the British Bobsleigh Championships.

Annabel and Codie's achievements are special; unique. But they also capture the sprit of a generation of Park House students for whom there are no limits. They had a dream, but also had the courage - in spades - and determination to apply their already outstanding sporting prowess to a new context.

Preparing the Bobsleigh

It strikes me that their achievement symbolises the both challenge and strength of today's young people. Their adaptability is incredible. They can rapidly apply their existing skills to new contexts and learn different ones with equal alacrity. But they at the same time still hold on to the best of traditional values. Friendship; teamwork; respect.

Park House Bobsleigh Team

I'm inspired by Codie and Annabel; I'm inspired by this generation.

Codie Burnett and Annabel Chaffey with their Bobsleigh