I'm Happy... And here's why!


It's the singalong song of the year, isn't it...

For those of my advancing years, Ian Dury says it just as effectively...



So why am I suddenly so happy and cheerful?

Could it be the end of term approaching?

Kind of. The penultimate week of term means Prize Giving Ceremonies for our Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.

We come together on four separate occasions in the Hall as year groups to celebrate the many and varied achievements of our students, as individuals and as teams; in the classroom or the sports field, Drama Studio or Music Suite.

The students themselves often lead the presentations, speaking about the events that they have been involved with, the trios they have been on, the laughter they have shared.

A feature of this year's ceremonies were the videos produced by the students themselves, reflecting the unique spirit and character of each year groups.

Here's Year 10's...


And Year 9s.... Now you'll get it!


So I'm very happy, because our students are happy; happy and supportive of one another, growing up as caring, supportive and kind young adults. It's a happy school.

And what a surprise: this happiness, the sense of a community that is at ease with itself, breeds amazing success.

So I'm also happy - very happy - because of this...

Last Wednesday I received the outcomes of research undertaken by Oxford University-based Oxford Analytics.


Our Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments - so the entire Science 'Faculty' - together with Maths, Further Maths, French and PE rated as the very best in the country for non-selective schools.

Probably the happiest - and proudest - I have ever felt as a Headteacher!

Read the outstanding outcomes for yourself via the link below. It will make you happy!


Happy, high performing students in a supportive and caring school community, offering some of the very best, non-selective provision in the country.

What a way to sign off for this academic year.

Thanks, Pharrell... I'm clapping along.