Hearts and Minds

The opening address at today's Youth Sport Trust captured both the heart and the mind. Perhaps most importantly, the stunning contribution of young people as performers and speakers personified what the Youth Sport Trust's student-focused Legacy commitment to 'Lead your generation' means in practice. In contrast with the somewhat arid Governmental definition of four pillars of Legacy activity, it resonated with life as young leaders articulated the very personal impact that sport had already had on their lives.
As ever, Baroness Sue Campbell so eloquently expressed what we all have wanted to say about learning from 2012: successful female athletes as fantastic role models for the young women in our schools; the need to capture the 'Games Maker' spirit and apply it to approaches to learning and volunteering today in the classroom and wider community; the need to  harness public passion for success and aligning it behind the work of our schools; a focus on the qualities of determination, resilience and that underpin excellent performance. And crucially a fundamental belief in the power of sport to changes lives that in turns shapes a hope for the future that drives us all in education.