Happy Days!?

Friday was the unhappiest day of the year.

Most Depressing Day Illustration

It's official.

Articles have been written about it.


There's even a formula to prove it.

Depressing Day Formula

W = weather, D = debt, T = time since Christmas, Q = time since breaking New Year's resolution, M = low motivation levels, Na = need to take action (!)

And it featured in the Daily Mail. It must be true.

I'm afraid I have to disagree. To slightly paraphrase the late and lamented Ian Dury, I found three very good  'reasons to be cheerful' last week ...


Firstly, we received news that for the third year in succession the outstanding progress and achievements of our Sixth Form students place us in the top 15% of schools nationally for A Level performance.

Park House ALPS Certificate

ALPS - the A Level Performance System - is used by schools across the country .  It measures the progress and achievement made by students in the Sixth Form as a 'thermometer': red represents 'hot' or outstanding performance, black is in line with that expected and blue is 'cold' or below expectation given the ability profile of the cohort.

As an 'outstanding institution' we will now be asked to support other schools develop their Sixth Form offer.

Secondly, on Saturday I had the pleasure and privilege of bring invited to judge presentations at the annual Volunteering Fair at The Corn Exchange.

Volunteering Fair 

What an uplifting event!

Literally hundreds of people freely giving of their time to make a difference to others within the local community. Inspiring and humbling in equal measure.

Thirdly, we this week signed a new three year contract with ICT services and consultancy provider, Ntegra.

ntegra logo

ntegra.co.uk >>

This was  in itself a cause for celebration. As the South's Centre of Excellence for Computer Science Education we were looking for an equally innovative and creative business partner to help take us even further forward in the development of our ICT infrastructure and provision.

Computing Network of Excellence

We've certainly found them in Ntegra. A locally based company, they proudly employ a number of our former, now computing graduate students and won the contract on the basis of their combination of technological innovation and genuine commitment to adding further value to the school through partnership working.

That commitment was confirmed within a day of the contract being signed! I'm thrilled and grateful that they will now be generously sponsoring our TeamGB Bobsleigh stars, Codie and Annabel, so that they can return to Austria in March as the first ever girls team from a state school to take part in the British Championships.

TeamGB Bobsleigh

Ignore the prophets of doom. Forget your formulae.

These are Happy Days!