Going private... We're already there!

Many people remark that the entrance to Park House feels like that of a private school.

Park House School Students in Front of The House

A good thing!

Recent  announcements by Mr Gove suggest that is what we need to aspire to as a state school. And that there is an unhelpful barrier between schools in the two sectors which needs to be broken down.

Breaking down barriers

Let's be clear. I've never been an advocate of a 'Berlin Wall' between the state and private sectors. Far from it. We have enjoyed a brilliant partnership with St. Gabriel's for many years now. It's based on mutual respect and genuine partnership designed to maximise opportunities for the young people who attend our respective schools. Examples of this partnership include:

- Shared teaching groups in a number of subject areas, including Dance and Latin

- Joint management of the local athletics track as a community resource

- Trips and visits involving students from both schools

- A joint 'Gifted and Talented' development programme with a residential at Oxford University

Park House School at Oriel College with St Gabriels

And, at Park House we also already independently offer many of the features of a private education, such as:

A fantastic range of sporting opportunities, including overseas tours...

Engagement in all manner of extra-curricular enrichment opportunities of the sort usually associated with the independent sector, including the Magistrates Mock Trial and 'Debating Matters' public speaking competitions, in which we are the County Champions.

Debating Matters

In this respect, the introduction of our Monday afternoon elective clubs have of course further enhanced our 'private school' style provision, with fifteen different activities on offer.

It's certainly not just our entrance that creates a perception of the added value of independent education. Like so much else at Park House, we're already ahead of the game!