Going back to my roots... A moment in time

Seoul Olympics poster

Like 2016, 1988 was also an Olympic year. And there was also a major drugs scandal...

Drugs Cheat


And I had spent the summer cutting out information from a variety of photocopied textbooks to create what I hoped were stimulating - handwritten - teaching resources as I assiduously (and optimistically) planned to engage and excite the young people of Gillott's School in Henley-on-Thames, my first teaching post, with a passionate love of the past!

Plus ca change.

The only difference now is that 28 years later I've been copying sections from my own textbooks... And looking to inspire a Park House generation!  

To be precise, I'm bringing them them up to date. Ensuring that content and activities reflect the learning needs and pace and styles of Generation Z. No internet, no mobile technology when 'Modern Minds' and 'The Modern World' first saw the light of day in the early 1990s. When I thought they were state of the art! You never stop learning...

Text books

You see, I'm...

Going Back to my roots.

The classroom. Where it all began. And where you are at the very sharp edge of learning... however much you believe, and trust, as an educational leader you aim to shape the direction and tone of colleagues' practice.

I'm proud and privileged to be teaching 8 Sigma. I hope they enjoyed our first lesson this week on the causes of the First World War...

'Two bullets and twenty million deaths. Why did a murder lead to a World War?'

Planning to achieve that creativity, that spark, that engagement is a salutary reminder to me of the incredible effort and dedication of those who teach brilliantly not for lesson one lesson a week, but for twenty-two.

It's their passion for young people and their progress that sustains that energy;  a passion for the classroom that never leaves you as a teacher at heart.

Maybe I am back again in 1988. Still caught in a moment in time...

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