Follow my leader

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being work shadowed for the day by two of our outstanding Year 13 students, Emma and Josh.

Mr Peaple followed by Josh and Emma

I was followed.

How Twitter breathed new life to that simple verb: a meaning I could never have imagined when I first listened to those lyrics back in 1978.

I could also go off on a tangent here about 'like' at this point, too! Thanks to Facebook, we have to like everything now, don't we! Even this blog when it finally gets posted!

What really impressed me about Emma and Josh's desire to follow me was their desire to learn. To learn about leadership, initially through followership. The key point being that the latter is in no way a passive activity. In fact the more you reflect on it the more it becomes obvious that followership is essential to building leadership capacity in schools - and beyond.

There have been a lot of articles on the relationship between leadership and followership recently. Here are a couple of links if you fancy exploring the subject further:





I talk passionately about student leadership. But actually I mean followership. The ability to assimilate, reflect on and then apply leadership behaviours and characteristics through a range of learning opportunities.

You see, Emma and Josh asked to be followers. They took the imitative. They asked to shadow me following a session I did on careers week on pathways in education. That is what will make them, like so many other of our wonderfully questioning and inquisitive students, fantastic future leaders.

Leaders I would be proud to follow.