Doing exactly what it says on the tin...

As a school leader you always need to carefully balance any time you take out of school with the wider benefits of attending a course or conference.

You prioritise those which will add most value to the learning community. Those which, like the Ronseal adverts so memorably put it, do exactly what is says on the tin.

Ronseal Advert

The annual ASCL - Association of School and College Leaders - Regional Information Conferences fall into exactly that category. A highly informative and intensive day long briefing for Headteachers and senior leaders on educational trends and essential policy updates.

Conference Agenda

Together with over 150 colleagues from across the South East, I attended the 2015 event in London last Tuesday.

Changing Landscape

A rapidly changing education landscape was described.

Did you know that over the next five years...

  • The National Curriculum will be reformed
  • Assessment Levels will be abolished
  • GCSEs will change
  • The grading of GCSEs will be radically altered to move from letters to numbers (although not for all subjects at the same time!)
  • AS and A Levels will be completely restructured
  • More and more schools will be organised and run in new ways as parts of Trusts or as Free Schools

And all of this set alongside new statutory duties to prevent radicalisation, the introduction of a revised scheme for Special Educational Needs and the provision of a whole range of other welfare services stripped out of rapidly contracting Local Authority control.

You have to be fleet of foot to keep up the dizzying pace of change...

Usain Bolt

And you also have to be clear about what, in the context of all that change, you continue to stand for. It's at such times that you need to be sure of your principles - and the values that you and your school community stand for.

That's why Park House will always remain, as Ofsted put it more than three years ago now, a 'values-driven' school...

...a learning community in which, whatever the external pressures, there will be a constant focus on nurturing confident and rounded young people who are morally secure, responsible and caring in all that they do.

That's why we also aim to do exactly what we say on the tin...

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