Charity begins...

At home, and in other places, too.

Nepal fundraiser

Last week's Blog featured the amazing work of our students in the their fundraising efforts for Nepal, the reference to a 'race against time' thrown into even sharper relief by the further earthquake earlier this week.


And it's people's selflessness in giving time to support others that has also defined this week as well as last. Both at Park House, and beyond.

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to attend the fundraising evening for the OK Our Kids Charity at the splendid setting of the Leander Club in Henley.

Charity Dinner

My blogs from earlier this year give an insight into the fantastic work of this children's safety charity, with which we are now working increasingly closely following their patron, Olympic champion Katherine Grainger's inspirational speech at Prize Giving last November.



The evening had a sporting theme and was supported by a number of celebrities, including former Grandstand presenter, Steve Rider, who was a wonderful, if impromptu auctioneer!

Steve Rider

One guest's story transcended sport. It inspired in a way that the 'simple' chronicle of a quest for a medal or struggle for a cup cannot. Anne Wafula Strike.

Anne Wafula Strike

You can find out more here...


Remember her name. She will be coming into school to inspire our students soon.

I'm not ashamed to say I got home late on Saturday evening (well, actually, Sunday morning!) even though I had to get up early. Early to ensure that I was in school to support what for me has become the expression of what a school can do within its community: our Charity Run and Fun Day...

Fun Day Dog Show
Fun Day Girls
Fun Day Cake Sale

It's a 'fete for the 21st century', capturing our commitment to healthy lifestyles with opportunities for student leadership and creativity in the wide range of activities on offer... At the same time as raiding funds for CLIC Sargent, the charity that provides such wonderful support for children with Cancer and their families...


Charity, as they say, begins at home... And it so refreshing to see it in the efforts of so many others, too.