CARE... to play ball

It's so simple. So obvious. Give children a ball, and they'll play. Spontaneously. They'll use their imagination. They'll be creative.

Child's play and Einstein

As Einstein said... 'Creativity is intelligence having fun'.

I listened to a brilliant application of this earlier in the week.

Kevin Carroll The Katalyst

Our keynote speaker at the annual Youth Sport Trust Conference in Telford on Wednesday was Kevin Carroll. The 'Katalyst'.

He's an inspiration. You can find out more about him here...


In essence, what he has to say is that creative organisations 'play ball'. They don't over complicate things. They don't rely on systems, structures or policies.  They simply empower their people to be creative.

You know, that really resonates with what we do at Park House. It really resonated on Wednesday, because Kevin went on to explore this idea in the context of the Youth Sport Trust's mission to CARE... A mission that reflects so much of what what do at Park House. Our vision, to:


Develop Creativity, Aspirations, Resilience and Empathy.

Creativity runs both through and across our curriculum offer. It finds expression in the incredible achievements of students like Young Fashion Designer of the Year, George Chaffey...

George Chaffey

Or the wonderfully imaginative matching of artistic genres and icon Olympic and Paralympic moments, as reflected in our 2012 Legacy Gallery...

Olympic Paintings

We encourage our students to aspire to be world class in everything they do.  Inspired on their very first day in Year 7 to be the very best that can be by a high achieving Olympic or Paralympic medalist who continues to mentor and encourage them...

Olympic Mentor 

To aim for the very best universities in the world, as the last few weeks prove...

Park House Students at University College



To be the very best in their field.... Just like current Year 12, Annabel Chaffey, who I'm so proud to say was on Friday voted as Berkshire's Young Sports Personality of the Year for her Bobsleigh brilliance....

Annabel Chaffey


At just about exactly the time as former student Jonathan 'JJ' Joseph was scoring the winning try for England against Wales at the Millennium Stadium.

And when things don't always go quite so well, the resilience to stick at it. Values; character.  That's why we also start Year 7 with the Bushcraft experience. Our youngest students supporting themselves and each other to rise to a new challenge...

And on the same evening as Annabel won and JJ scored, another former student in Tom Croft returning to England international duty after two career threatening injuries. Resilient.

Tom Croft

Self-reliant and determined students, but who also show understanding and appreciation of the views and needs of others.  That's empathy, and for me it is nowhere better reflected than on our House Boards, where students voluntarily identify and thank others for acts of kindness and support...


Qualities that are also expressed in voluntary actions beyond the school community...

Sainsbury's School Games Award 

Creativity, Aspirations, Resilience and Empathy. All shaping the messages which resonate from the article I was so thrilled to see in last Thursday's Newbury Chronicle.  We really do CARE...

Newbury Chronicle Article