An Unexpected Journey?

I'm sure that many of you, like me, followed Bilbo Baggins on his journey over the Christmas holidays. An unexpected journey.  No Orcs, Goblins, KingTrolls or giant spiders to contend with but in education, as 2012 proved, we can also never be fully certain of the route that our annual journey will take us! Or indeed the challenges which may encounter on the way! At the time of writing we still await the outcome of the Judicial Review into last summer's GCSE English fiasco.  An unexpected, unnecessary and completely unwarranted journey. All that I can say with certainly is I am proud that we were one of the 150 or so schools who had the courage to stand up up to what is so clearly an injustice that has been done to our students and all those who were deprived of the grade that deserved after three years of effort and commitment.  The next week or so will see the ruling that all in schools hope and trust will legitimately right that collective wrong.
As for 2013, where will the journey take us?  What we can expect at Park House is a relentless focus on the quality of learning.  Outstanding learning, shaped by the active engagement of students in that learning. So 2013 at Park House will be a year shaped  firstly by emphasis of the further development of student leadership; already one of our major strengths but a theme which we will look to further embed in the classroom through the establishment of Subject Ambassadors across the curriculum to work alongside those who now for many years have played a key role in the development of primary school and community sport, and who provided the basis for our teams of Games Makers last summer.  And it will also see us exploring ways in which the use of mobile hand-held technology can further enhance and extend learning.  I have said before that this generation of learners is a generation of homo zapians, totally attuned to the use of mobile technology to discover and express their understanding both at work and at play.  As the iPad, smart-phone and Nintendo define the daily reality of our you g people, so now is absolutely the time to ensure that we really embrace both the power and attractiveness of this approach in and beyond our classroom practice.
So Here's to 2013. Here's to the expected and exciting journey ahead.