All together now...

Two events last week emphasised the cohesiveness of our school community; its solidarity and its collective values.

The first, our inaugural sponsored walk, bringing together different year groups across the school in a simultaneously social and education experience cross-crossing the now Arcadian site of the Second Battle of Newbury 373 years to the day since Royalist and Parliamentarian forces fraught to the death in one of the defining moments of the English Civil War. Unity in place of division.

Sponsored Walk image
Sponsored Walk image
Sponsored Walk image
Sponsored Walk image

The second, our annual Open Evening and Day. A moment in school time when I sit back take and take stock; reflect on all the opportunities that we offer and am inspired by the incredible maturity of our students, who articulate far better than I ever can their passion for learning and demonstrate such collective pride and passion in their school community. All together. A team...

Team Park House Open Evening

Beyond Park House, the last couple of weeks have seen questions raised about the wider purpose of schooling. A debate about social mobility and equality of opportunity.

Suffice to say at this point that the events I have just described underline the priceless value of a genuinely brilliant, comprehensive education...