All 'SySTEMs' go at Park House!

'STEM' is of course the educational acronym for studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  And, in relation to these areas, it really has been a matter of all sy - STEM - s go at school over the last few weeks!
Previous Blog posts have reflected huge pride in our new status as the Regional Centre of Excellence for Learning in Computer Science and that on 29 April celebrated our Year 9 students' superb achievement in winning a place in the national TeenTech competition final    at The Royal Society in June.  Two events held over the course of the last week further reinforce our position at a school which is genuinely at the leading edge when it comes to providing innovative opportunities for students in these disciplines.
Last Friday we became the first school in the country to host a 'Talking Science' event, run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council in conjunction with Rutherford Appleton Lab - one of the world's leading research centres.  These events give the public an opportunity to hear expert speakers provide updates on the latest scientific research, and it was therefore fantastic that our Year 10 Separate Separate Scientists became the fist school-based audience to benefit form a lecture on the evolution of the Sun by Dr Hilary Mason from the University of Cambridge.  And what a great audience they proved to be, posing a series of challenging questions on a topic that is directly relevant to the Physics strand of their GCSE studies.
Tuesday then saw the arrival of representatives from Technology giant IBM to lead our annual Year 10 'Big Interview Day'.  This is another unique Park House opportunity which enables students to be Interviewed by leading professionals on their CVs and receive feedback on how to refine their applications and techniques as a result.  It is such a valuable experience for our young people, especially given the sector-leading role of the company.  I am always really proud of the positive response of our students, and this year was certainly no exception, with all relishing the opportunity for the advice and guidance on offer.
So it really has been a question of all systems go for STEM at Park House!