I can't remember exactly when, but sometime in my school days it became popular to use the term 'Ace' to describe anything that was remotely pleasing... Or exciting.

I now find myself returning to the term in a new, but equally positive context.


Advanced Apprenticeships in Sporting Excellence.

Basically, AASE is designed to meet the needs of Sixth Form students who have the potential to achieve excellence in their chosen sport while at the same time also pursuing their education to the highest level.

The programme flexibly enables the student to combine their 'normal' A Level subjects delivered by the school's teaching staff with:

  • An additional qualification in areas such as nutrition and physiology carrying UCAS points, supporting university entrance
  • An NVQ in preparing for professional sport, covering issues like working with the media and agents
  • Elite, school-based coaching from a partner professional club fitted around lessons

The student is also expected to have access to support services such as physiotherapy - as well, of course, as outstanding facilities.

Students may then move on from the Sixth Form to university 'as normal' or join the partner club on professional terms if selected, or progress on to one of the sport's 'World Class' Development Programmes.

You can find out more here:


Given the academic profile of our Sixth Form - performing in the top 15% of schools in the country for last four years - and a culture which promotes the wider learning benefits of physical activity and sport, AASE offers a lot of exciting opportunities. And I'm just beginning to explore them in relation to range of sports such as athletics, basketball, rugby and tennis.

It's going to be a fast moving game.

Academic and sporting excellence.... Watch this sp.. ACE!