Our Values: British Values Statement

In 2012 Ofsted commented that::

'a values centred ambition for students inspired by the Headteacher and governing body drives the school’s effective improvement and planning'

We are very proud of that comment because it flowed naturally from a series of related observations about how daily practice, relationships and behaviour at the school is shaped by our adoption of the universal Olympic and Paralympic values as a framework that:

'strongly fosters students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development throughout the curriculum'

Emphasising those values, the report concluded, means that students show 'respect, friendship and a pursuit of excellence'.

Since the last report, that emphasis on values has resulted in us becoming the first school in the country to receive the 'Inspired by 2012' Mark from the Cabinet Office and our latest 2016 Ofsted Report stating that provision is 'a real strength of the school'. This is further reflected in:

• National Awards For volunteering

Sainsbury's School Games Award

• Outstanding employability skills, resulting in 0% NEET for the last four years.

• A House Praise and Reward system in which students voluntarily identify their peers for acts of kindness, friendship and support.

House Praise and Reward

• A wide range of fundraising activities in support of the local community, national and international charities.

Purple for Polio awareness

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From September 2016 we have introduced a a discrete Character and Values lesson for all students in each Year Group >>>


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